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1935 Austin 7 Ruby Mk1

This beautiful little car has not seen the outside world since 1970. She was garaged as a restoration project but very little work was carried out. We will now be working to bring this car back to it's best. She is for sale so if you are interested, get in touch

The Austin Seven was produced between 1922 and 1939, designed by Herbert Austin to provide a small affordable family car for aspirational young families. The Austin Seven helped revolutionise car production worldwide, the first BMW was a licensed Austin Seven called BMW Dixi and Nissan also based their first cars on the Seven design although unlicensed.

The first race car built by McClaren and the first Lotus were Austin Seven "Specials"

This little Ruby was an early Mk1 Saloon, we think number 9536 out of a total of 51105 Mk1 saloons produced between 1934 and 1937 based on the chassis number. More information on the Austin Seven can be found here and here and there are many Austin Seven clubs worldwide, such is the continuing appeal of this lovely little car.

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